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27-May Marty Attridge Solo
28-May Nina Et Cetra
29-May Two EZ
30-May Marty Attridge Trio
3-Jun Robert Bruey
4-Jun Dan Reyburn
5-Jun Tony Sidito
10-Jun Nina Et Cetra
11-Jun Who are Those Guys
12-Jun Joe Hampton & Joey B
17-Jun Robert Bruey
18-Jun Cindy Lopez
19-Jun Two EZ
24-Jun Mark Anderson
25-Jun Nina Et Cetra
26-Jun Bruce MacDonald
1-Jul Robert Bruey
2-Jul Joe Hampton
3-Jul Tony Sidito
4-Jul Earthtones
8-Jul Bruce MacDonald
9-Jul Who are Those Guys
10-Jul Nina Et Cetra
15-Jul Robert Bruey
16-Jul Dan Reyburn
17-Jul Two EZ
22-Jul Nick Kerzner
23-Jul Summer Breeze
24-Jul Bruce MacDonald
29-Jul Cassandra House
30-Jul Joe Hampton & Joey B
31-Jul Nina Et Cetra
5-Aug Nick Kerzner
6-Aug Nina Et Cetra
7-Aug Robert Bruey
12-Aug Cassandra House
13-Aug Bruce MacDonald
14-Aug Tony Sidito
19-Aug Robert Bruey
20-Aug Joe Hampton & Joey B
21-Aug Dan Reyburn
26-Aug Nick Kerzner
27-Aug Nina Et Cetra
28-Aug Summer Breeze
2-Sep Nina Et Cetra
3-Sep Rob Europe
4-Sep Tony Sidito
5-Sep Marty Attridge Trio
9-Sep Robert Bruey
10-Sep Dan Reyburn
11-Sep Nina Et Cetra
16-Sep Cassandra House
17-Sep Joe Hampton
18-Sep Rorie Kelly
23-Sep Nick Kerzner
24-Sep Summer Breeze
25-Sep Joe Hampton
30-Sep Robert Bruey
1-Oct Nick Kerzner
2-Oct Tony Sidito
7-Oct Robert Bruey
8-Oct Dan Reyburn
9-Oct Joe Panteleo
10-Oct Marty Attridge Trio
14-Oct Nina Et Cetra
15-Oct Cindy Lopez
16-Oct Rorie Kelly
21-Oct Cassandra House
22-Oct Summer Breeze
23-Oct Joe Panteleo
28-Oct Robert Bruey
29-Oct Nick Kerzner
30-Oct Nina Et Cetra

Summer Music & Food Truck Series

October 30, 2016

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays


On the Outdoor Patio

or (in bad weather)

In the Tasting Room

2182 Sound Ave

Baiting Hollow NY 11933

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