Long Island's Original

"A brilliant orange blossom nose. Delicious orange decadence that quickly fills the mouth with crisp, clean, zesty flavor. Extremely well balanced with an authentically fresh squeezed smooth finish"

Available Sizes: 375ml
ABV: 30% / 60 Proof

Orange Sorbetta

Made from Valencia oranges with a brilliant blossom nose and has a delicious orange decadence that quickly fills the mouth with a crisp, clean, zesty flavor.

The Orange Sorbetta is extremely well balanced with an authentically fresh squeezed relaxing finish.

Sorbetta’s are the first potato-based, gluten free liqueur’s available in the United States. Sorbetta’s achieve an uncompromising freshness in taste by using only hand peeled and macerated fresh fruits in each batch. Crafted in micro-batches using 250 gallons of LiV Vodka as the base; the citrus are prepared for maceration using just the skins of about 4,000 pieces of fruit.

The result is an incredible natural freshness and fidelity both on the nose and palate to each of the Sorbetta flavors.

Gluten Free
Crafted from the skins of hand-peeled Valencia oranges
Hand crafted in micro-batches


  • Why are the Sorbetta's called liqueurs if they are Vodka based?

    They technically could be called Vodka’s but we chose to designate them liqueurs. The Sorbettas are infused with fresh fruit, soaking up the natural sugars as well as having the minimal amount of sugar added to be considered a liqueur. This natural flavoring allows for the Sorbettas to match the fidelity of the fruit.

  • How much fruit is used in each 100 Gallon micro-batch?

    For the citrus fruits; approximately 1,400 pieces of zest are used in each batch. For the berries; about 20 full flats are used in each micro-batch.

  • How do you make the Sorbetta's?

    The citrus are hand peeled using an apple peeler so we only get the zest of the fruit and none of the pith. The fruits are then wrapped in cheesecloth and infused in higher proof version of LiV Vodka for about 30 days. They are then blended down with pure cane sugar and finally micron filtered before bottling to remove any organic matter.

Orange Sorbetta Recipies