Long Island's Original

"Vanilla nose; dense, creamy-texture and rich with lovely vanilla flavors and some fire, pure style with amazing mouth feel"

Available Sizes: 200ml, 750ml, 1l
ABV: 40% / 80 Proof

LiV Vodka

LiV (rhymes with five) is an artisan distilled potato vodka, using traditional small batch pot and column distillation. LiV is uniquely crafted using 100% sustainably and locally farmed marcy russet potatoes from Long Island.

This is a smaller varietal potato about 2 inches in diameter, that contributes more skin to fruit, adding to the vodka’s richness of flavor and viscosity.

LiV is a naturally gluten free spirit of exceptional quality. It has been embraced by the world’s foremost mixologists who appreciate the distinctive vanilla nose, creamy mouth feel with vanilla, banana, and citrus flavors with just enough fire on the finish.

Gluten Free
Small Batch Distilled
Handcrafted Sustainably
Embraced by World’s Foremost Mixologists



“Ripe vanilla nose; dense creamy-textured and rich with lovely vanilla flavors and some fire; clean, pure style.”– Anthony Dias Blue

“Exceptional Vodka – creamy; beautiful” – Frank Bruni, NY Times Food and Beverage Critic

“LiV Vodka has a wonderful vanilla nose, creamy textured mouth feel followed by lovely rich banana and vanilla flavors balanced with just enough fire on the finish; overall crisp, clean just pure style. I am a big fan of LiV Vodka; its unique character shines through in the Hampton Classic Cocktail.” – Dale deGroff, “King Cocktail”; USA Today

“LiV is a silky high end vodka made from local potatoes in a 7,500 square foot converted potato barn overlooking potato fields.” – NY Post Pulse




  • Is LiV Gluten Free?

    Yes, its crafted from 100% local potatoes making it naturally gluten free.

  • Does Long Island Spirits use sustainable methods during production?

    Yes, in several phases from practicing smart hydrothermal conservation to composting the byproduct from distillation back to the local farms..

  • How many times distilled?

    LiV Vodka is distilled once in our iconic pot stills, which contain 6 bubble plates then twice in our all copper 30-foot rectification columns, which each have 19 plates. This process would traditionally be considered triple distilled. To legally make vodka you need the rectification columns with a minimum of 16 bubble plates to bring to 95% ABV, so the 19 plates actually gives us a much cleaner spirit. We also take very tight cuts during our separations of Heads, Hearts and Tales meaning we keep only well into the Heart cut providing a very high quality taste. As for comparing vodka’s by number of times distilled, I don’t think there is a fair or accurate way or standard method one can judge the expected quality of a fine vodka; actually quite the opposite. If the Vodka you are creating needs to continue to be distilled beyond three times, the quality of what you started with distilling might be called into question. One would ask, what is so off putting in the flavors that you need to continue trying to distill it out? Our Hand Crafted LiV Vodka actually tastes quite delicious after only our second distillation, the third adds a final polish for consistency…Vodkas that use “Times Distilled” to market their product, is like a student chef over cooking a cheap steak and trying to make it a selling point about how long that mystery meat was left on the grill… 

  • What is with potatoes and Long Island?

    Long Island has been growing potatoes for over 350 years. The combination of a perfect microclimate and loamy soils to grow potatoes has made the Long Island potato iconic. As recently as the 1940’s there were still close to about 200,000 acres of potatoes being grown on Long Island. Today there are still about 5,000 acres of potatoes being grown.

  • What type of potatoes do you use to make LiV?

    The Long Island potato we use is white marcy russet, small in diameter offering more skin to fruit if you will. This contributes a lot to the amazing taste and sensational mouth feel.

  • How many potatoes are used for each bottle of vodka?

    Each liter of LiV uses about 25 pounds of potatoes. We go through about 100,000 lbs. of potatoes a month.

  • What makes LiV different from other known vodkas?

    Most other vodkas are crafted from grains such as wheat, rye, and corn. Making Vodka from potaotes is more costly, as 80% of a potato is water so we are starting with only 20% of a fermentable starch. Less than 2% of vodkas are crafted from potatoes.

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