Long Island's Original

"Incredibly smooth and well rounded sweetness, with complex hints of caramel, vanilla, and spice. With a light floral nose, the finish is savory, supple, and encored by a heady heart"

Available Sizes: 750ml
ABV: 45% / 90 Proof

Straight Bourbon Whisky

Rough Rider Straight Bourbon Whisky is aged Bourbon with a mash bill of 60% corn, 35% rye, and 5% barley aged in new charred American oak barrels.

The magic then begins as the Bourbon takes on a new character and goes through a second maturation in our Reserve Aging process in casks formerly housing Merlot and Chardonnay from renowned Long Island wine estates. These casks are washed with high proof aged Brandy before introducing the Bourbon.

The result is a fine sturdy backbone with a hint of fresh juice, blackberry and currant, along with caramel and burnt sugar with a heady heat on the finish.

94score greatvalue ward-eight-3-5

High Rye Straight Bourbon
Extra matured in high proof local Brandy washed casks
Small Batch distilled and Hand Crafted


  • Why is it called Rough Rider?

    Teddy Roosevelt, native Long Islander, organized the United States First Voluntary Cavalry, commonly known as the Rough Riders, in 1898. The group was composed of 1,250 men from across the country, including cowboys, Indians, and other Wild West types, as well as Ivy League athletes and aristocratic sportsmen from the East. This disparate group shared a common purpose; the pursuit of adventure, independence, and excellence. Despite winning the Battle of San Juan Hill, the Rough Riders disbanded in Montauk Point after only 137 days of service. Rough Rider Straight Bourbon is inspired by the uncommon virtues of those men. We meticulously handcraft each small batch at Long Island Spirits. Just miles from the spot where the Rough Riders parted.

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